Church School

Church School

About Church School

Children are introduced to the Bible so that they grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ as our savior and and be led by his Grace.

The Church School is a ministry that aims to teach liturgy and provide guidance to children aged 2 to 14.

Mr Eliud Lucas Mwangi oversees this ministry. On Sundays during service hours, this ministry provides holistic education (both home and church school) to children. Furthermore, it hosts a variety of activities throughout the year to support children’s growth and cohesion.


The Ministry has over one hundred members to help with teaching, class management, and control. They are a committed group of men and women who are willing to help the young ones with their Church School Curriculum. 

To become a teacher, you must be saved and have a strong desire to help children. 

You are cordially invited by the ministry.


The ministry endeavour to involve the children in activities that enhance child growth and promote learning. Such activities run all through the year. 

They include: 

    • Vacation Bible Sudy – a whole week of learning the word of God and other activities every holiday. 

    • Church School Week 

    • Talents Week 

    • Concerts – children are involved in outstanding performances during concerts.

    • Corporate Social Responsibility to the community 

    • Teachers‘ Retreat/ Fellowships – Takes place quarterly. 

    • Seminars 

Class Location

All Church School classes are held in the church halls above NIMPA office. There is also an addittional tent on ground floor to avoid congestion.

Service Time 





  1. Chairperson – Robert Kinyua

  2. V/Chairperson – Sabina Wanjiru Mwangi

  3. Secretary – Ephraim Njuguna

  4. V/Secretary – Miriam Ng’ang’a

  5. Treasurer – Joyce Wanjiru

  6. V/Treasurer/Organizer – Elizabeth Mbatia