Session & CBM

Kirk Session

The Kirk Session is the governing body within the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Parish. It is made up of elders and the Parish Minister. 

The main responsibility of the Kirk Session is to oversee the spiritual life of the church and its members. This includes providing pastoral care, administering the sacraments, and promoting Christian education and discipleship. 

The Kirk Session also has a role of governing the church, including making decisions on issues such as church discipline and finances. 

Overall, the Kirk Session plays an important role in the life of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, ensuring that the church is guided by the principles of faith and serving the needs of its members.

Session Officials

  1. Moderator – Rev. Peter Gitau Kamau

  2. Session Clerk – Eld. Peter Kiarie Kariuki

  3. Treasurer – Eld. Zachary Waweru Ochieng

  4. Co/Clerk – Eld.Lawrence John Mathu

  5. Finance Chairperson -Eld. Nelly Wanjiku Kabui

About CBM

The Church Board of Management (CBM) the governing body within the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) congregation level. It is responsible for the financial and administrative affairs of the church at the congregation level. 

The CBM is made up of church Elders, Deacons and members elected by the congregation. The CBM is responsible for managing the church’s finances, overseeing the use of church property and resources, and ensuring that the church is in compliance with legal requirements and regulations. In addition to financial and administrative matters, the CBM also plays a role in physical development of the church. This includes supporting the work of the church in areas such as evangelism, mission, and Christian education. 

Overall, the CBM is an important body within the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, working to ensure that the church is able to fulfill its mission and serve its members and the wider community.

CBM Officials

  1. Patron – 

  2. Chairperson – Eld. Onesmus Mang’u Kamura

  3. Secretary – Elder Beth Waithiegeni Mbugua

  4. V/Secretary – Patrick Muriithi Kariuki

  5. Treasurer – James Kimani Wanjiru